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Design | Fabrication | Installation

From design to fabrication and installation.

We’ll provide all of your project design, fabrication, and installation needs.
Our teams design devices, displays, stores & shop-in-shops while paying great attention to the overall customer experience. Our designers work with creative freedom and innovation and are supported by our production managers to find technical solutions that make each concept realistic and achievable. From a simple display to the creation of a complete store, a single contact person accompanies you throughout all phases of the project.

Tailored manufacturing

“Bringing your ideas to life”

From the design of a complete store to the manufacture and deployment of thousands of retail displays, our teams support you throughout the project with the priority of meeting your needs and ensuring your satisfaction.

Customer eXperience


Industrial drawings


Electronic design

Assembly and Installation

Expertise mastered

Our teams with over 15 years of experience in design and manufacturing ensure you a follow-up and quality of execution regardless of the size and type of your project.

+15 years of experience

Our expertise now allows us to design and produce complex devices that combine and integrate all the skills of our expert teams, from conception to installation.

Engineering &
Agile & User-Centric